KC Dakota Bobbie 7561 (born 2/4/17)

The dam of 7561 is sired by LT Ledger 0332 while the sire of 7561 is PC Missouri Bob 1227.   A maternal brother to 7561 is working for Sandmeier Charolais and produced their high selling bull for $12,000 in 2020.  The maternal great grand dam, 9461, is a sterling dam of distinction.  These genetics trace back to 1615 who was a flush mate to the cow that produced the NWSS Grand Champion in 2007 KC Impressed 5145 (pictured below).  5145 Produced National Champion Miss Kaycee, Miss Kay also pictured below and Ms Katie.




Open Heifers









Herd Sire:  PC Missouri Bob 1227 (M801740) is a son of multiple trait leader Oakdale Duke 9003P X PC Miss Blue Grass 9210.  1227 is a several time multiple trait leader and ranks in the top 8% for calving ease, top 35% for birth weight, top 8% for weaning weight, top 2% for yearling weight, top 20% for milk, top 5% for maternal calving ease, top 5% for total maternal, and top 25% for scrotal, top 15% for CW, top 2% for REA and top 2% for TSI.  He is homozygous polled and his calves have been outstanding.  Pictures of a few of his sons are on the “bulls for sale” page of our website.


Herd Sire:  ACE-ORR Makers Mark 689 (M738574) is a past National Bull Calf Champion and a several time Yearling Weight Trait Leader.   At age 10 he settled a set of cows.   689 is now a 2018 milk trait leader and hot carcass weight leader.  689 ranks in the top 35% for Calving Ease,  top 2% for Maternal Calving Ease, top 15% for Yearling Weight, top 1% for Maternal Milk, top 1% for Total Maternal, top 15% for Scrotal Measurements, top 1% for Carcass Weight, top 2% for Rib-Eye Area, and top 15% for Marbling top 5% for TSI.  He adds extra length with great performance and carcass data and quality females.  At one time in 2018 the number 1 and number 2 proven  bulls in the charolais breed for Total Profit Index came from cows sired by 689.

Herd Sire:  RW Western Spur 691 (M727438) is a past several time Weaning Weight Trait Leader.    He is currently used as an AI sire.  691 ranks in the top 30% for calving ease, top 30% for Weaning Weight, top15% for Maternal Calving Ease, top 25% for scrotal, top 15% for Rib-Eye Area, top 15% for Marbling.  From birth to weaning to feedlot to carcass, his progeny are excellent. 

Herd Sire:  EC Revelation 5030 PLD (M834660) is a son of multiple trait leader M6 New Standard 842P ET X EC Miss Gretchen 5030.    He ranks in the top 6% for Calving Ease, top 15% for BW, top 25% for WW, top 30% for yearling weight, milk,  and TSI, top 15% for total maternal, top 9% for scrotal and REA, top 6% for CW, and top 30% for TSI. He is homozygous polled and his progeny have calving ease and thickness. 

Herd Sire:  KC 1815 Spurred 3152P (M835751) is a grandson of RW Western Spur 691 X KC Unlimited Miss Nancy 152P ET.  He ranks in the top 25% for calving ease, top30% for maternal calving ease and yearling weight, top 3% for milk and total maternal, top 9% for scrotal, top 15% for CW and top 35% for TSI.   He sires moderately framed progeny with excellent growth performance. 

Herd Sire:  KC Big Ben 5292 (M865620) is a son of multiple trait leader WC Big Ben 9036.  He ranks in the top 10% for calving ease, top 25% forBW, top 8% for weaning weight, top 15% for yearling weight and TSI, top 2% for scrotal, and top 20% for carcass weight.  He worked well on heifers and his progeny grow well.

Herd Sire:  KC Dakota Bob 5342 (M865601) is a son of multiple trait leader PC Missouri Bob 1227 with an actual 62 pound BW.  He had an adjusted WW of 809 pounds, and an adjusted YW of 1331 pounds.   We used him as a clean-up bull on one set of heifers in a dry lot.  

Herd Sire: KC Ledger 6421 (M888538) is a son of LT Ledger 0332.  His dam is a 689 daughter with an 88 pound BW, 827 WW, and 1397 YW.   He is homozygous polled and used him on a set of heifers.

Herd Sire: PF EL Duke 9021 P ET (M499452) is a son of National Champion PF Impressed 620 P ET.  He is the sire of NWSS Champion KC Miss Impressed 5145.  She is pictured below.  

Herd Sire: KC Design 4246 P (M679384) is a 9021 son who is a many time milk trait leader owned with Wienk Charolais.  The number 2 show dam of the year in 2018 was sired by 4246.  His semen sold for $950 per straw in the Thomas Ranch Dispersal sale.


Herd Sire: LT Affinity 6221 PLD (M880381) is a Rushmore 8060 son who we used as an AI Sire.


Herd Sire: Ace-Orr  Lock n Load 243 P is a Ledger 0332 son out of an Ace-Orr Makers Mark 689 daughter.  In 2018 he was the number 1 bull in the charolais breed for TSI.



Foundation Females and others


ET Donor:  KC Miss Duke 52 is the dam of past BW trait leader 152.  Pictured at 15 years of age..
ET Donor:  KC Miss Dakota Elim 2046, dam of KC Design 4246 (many time milk trait leader) and KC Impressed 61ET.   Pictured at age 9. She was still in production at age 14 and sold to Donnie Leddy in 2016.


ET Donor:  KC Profit Maker 3873 sired by Ace-Orr Makers Mark 689,  She is the dam of  Watertown Bull Champions 5383 and 7373.


KC Queen 7373 was a Kansas Beef Expo Champion in 2008.  She was also a Division Champion in the 2009 NWSS.  Her dam was sired by KC Impressed 152,  who was a BW trait leader.  Shown by Kyla Clawson.  KC Ms Spurred 9574 won ring B at the Kansas Beef Expo in 2009.  Her dam is sired by KC Impressed 152.  9574 is sired by RW Western Spurr 691.  Shown by Kyla Clawson.




KC Impressed 815ET sold to Jamie Eggleston and Jeff Bunkers at the South Dakota Showplace Sale. She is a full sister to 5145, the 2007NWSS Grand Champion Female.

KC Miss Dakota Wind 8354 sold to Scott Jensen at the South Dakota Showplace Sale.   8354 is sired by WCR Dakota Wind 712.




KC Impressed 5145 who was the 2007 NWSS Grand Champion Female and is the dam of 2009 National Champion, Miss Kaycee and 2014 NAILE Champion TR Ms Kay 30A ET, who are pictured below.  The dam of 5145 is pictured to the right. 

1645ET is a Dakota Wind 712 daughter who is an embryo donor in our herd.    She is the dam of Miss Impressed 5145, and 815ET. She is also the grand-dam of 2009 National Champion TR Miss Kaycee, the 2014 NAILE Champion TR Ms Kay 30A ET, and Miss Katie whose daughter (Miss Dory) is the 2018 National Reserve Champion Female..  Pictured at age 10.  She was still in production at age 15 and sold to Donnie Leddy in 2016.


2014 NAIL:E Grand Champion Female and 2015 NWSS Reserve Champion Female, TR Miss Kay 30A ET.  She was the number one show female of the year for 2014-15. 
2009 National Grand Champion Female Miss Kaycee.  She was the number six show dam of the year for 2014-15.

from our replacement group.  Pregnancy tested and bred to top genetics.

available are open females to be weaned soon.  


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